What is our goal in the long run?

Too Cute Kitten Rescue began in 2016, after president and CEO Lisa Keck started taking in orphaned kittens from Imperial Valley. She realized there were no real programs that focused on the tiniest of lives.

Orphaned non-weaned kittens are considered unadoptable and require extensive 1:1 care. Feeling lost and alone Lisa started reaching out to find those like her. Those who had a passion and desire to save kittens. The outcome for bottle-babies is usually a sad one. Imagine being brought into the world on hard gravel pavement. You can’t see, hear, or keep warm. You are 100% helpless to the world. You can’t even use the bathroom without help. You can only search for warmth with your nose hoping to find some milk to suckle and the comfort of a mother. 

Now picture these infants searching for food trying to understand the intense feeling of hunger,something they have never experienced before. Imagine the dread of not finding food, warmth, or help. Many times, these kittens are not found and their frantic calls for help are never answered. They are voiceless, but their hearts cry out for us. The ones that are rescued are sometimes found by loving people that just don’t know how to help them.

Too Cute Kitten Rescue is the answer. We provide a safe place with experienced fosters to help these kittens live another day and decrease the suffering of innocent kittens.

"Saving the World One Kitten at a Time"

Lisa Keck

Executive Director & CEO

Stacy Spidle

Vic President

Trianna Morales


Daniela Guardado


Roger Shahan

Tech/Behavior Specialist