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Check for Microchip

As of 2021,  Senate Bill No. 573 requires all California rescue groups to microchip cats & dogs. This helps in reuniting animals back with owners. Check with local rescue groups to see if stray cat has a microchip!

Finding Kittens!

If you stumbled on a litter of kittens or a single kitten please click HERE.

Post the cat online

Some people have indoor/outdoor cats. We recommend taking photos of the cat and posting on social media sites first. Ask neighbors if they know who the cat belongs to. We do not recommend picking up the cat unless it is in danger.

Here are some local groups to post the cat:

Imperial Valley: Lost and Found Pets

Imperial Valley: Lost and Found Pets!

Surrendering a Stray/Found Cat to TCKR

When Space Allows:

Too Cute Kitten Rescue takes in stray neonatal kittens and moms to prepare for adoption. Unfortunately, TCKR can not take cats that are feral, aggressive, terminally ill or otherwise "unadoptable". We get requests daily to take in cats and have a waiting list for surrenders. We must save space for orphaned neonatal kittens that need 1:1 care. We do not have a vet on staff and our area doesn't have an emergency vet. We do not accept cats directly.

We do not accept cats directly at our office: 

Any person seeking to surrender a kitten/cat to Too Cute Kitten Rescue, whether it be an owner surrender or a stray/found cat, must email us at with details to see if we have space to help. If we are able to accept the cat, we will send you a surrender form with further instructions. We do ask for a donation of $40 per cat/kitten & $100 per litter.

  • Owner Surrender: Too Cute Kitten Rescue asks for a copy of current veterinary care records, and that all animals surrendered be up-to-date on all necessary vaccinations (if possible) (rabies, distemper, and tested for FELV/FIV).
  • Stray/Found Cats: Once a stray/found cat/kitten is taken in by Too Cute Kitten Rescue, the cat will then be held for the state-mandated five days to provide it's owner time to locate it. We will also scan for a micro-chip and if chipped, try to locate the owner. A Found Pet Report will be sent to the local municipal shelter from the city they were found to help facilitate it's return home. If the owner does not come forward, we will proceed with finding it a new home.​









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