Rescue Data Count

It’s All About The Data

In order to maintain transparency, Too Cute Kitten Rescue officially started tracking data January 2019 through the Basic Animal Data Matrix . We also made the switch to a new software system in October 2019. This system keeps accurate records of all our kittens.

What's in The Data

Currently, we have 4 major areas to track: intakes (cats saved), adoptions, low-cost spay & neuter, and Trap-Neuter-Return. The information above is from January 2019.

Our TNR program the (Kitten Prevention Squad) has partnered with SANDS to help cover costs of the the program in order to increase TNR efforts.

Standards We Live By

It all starts with adding every intake into our software-Shelterluv

Monthly physical counts of all cats

Random data audit

2019 Reports

2019 Financial Report

“ Every life matters and we believe its a priority to keep accurate records of EVERY outcome even if a sad one”

Lisa Keck