Rescue Data

It’s All About The Data

In order to maintain transparency, Too Cute Kitten Rescue officially started tracking data January 2019 through the Basic Animal Data Matrix . We also made the switch to a new software system in October 2019 called Shelterluv. This system keeps accurate records of all our kittens.

What's in The Data

Currently, we have 4 major areas to track:

  1. Intakes (cats saved)
  2. Adoptions
  3. Low-cost spay & neuter
  4. Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR)

2019 Reports

2019 Financial Report

“ Every life matters and we believe its a priority to keep accurate records of EVERY outcome even if a sad one”

Lisa Keck


Standards We Live By

It all starts with adding every intake into our software-Shelterluv

Monthly physical counts of all cats

Random data audit