How to stimulate a kitten


After they have eaten, you will need to stimulate a bowel movement. The mother would normally do this for them from the time they are born until they are 3-4 weeks

of age (or can accomplish this on their own).

Use a light colored damp cloth so you can see if they have urinated also. (cotton balls, wet wipes, t-paper)

Using your thumb to simulate a cat mother’s tongue, gently wipe the kitten’s anal region in a massaging manner.

Keep doing this until you are sure they relieved themselves. Be sure to keep moving to a clean spot on the cloth so urine and feces is not rubbed all over the kitten’s bottom, and use a new cloth for each kitten.

Some kittens may squawk and try to wiggle away, but this step is very important to their health, do not let their pleas deter your efforts!

A short sided litter box can be introduced when the kitten is able to have a bowel movement on their own, usually around 3 weeks old.