Mama Cat Raising Puppies


Kitten season started early this year. On a nice cool day, in February 2017, we got a call asking if we had any lactating dogs. I thought “wait we are a kitten rescue…Dog?”. The lady on the phone explained that a chihuahua mother just had puppies and sadly she died giving birth. She was calling everyone to find out how she could save these babies. Putting our minds together we came up with a “crazy” idea. Maybe a cat mom could also take care of puppies. Since we just happened to have a cat who gave birth, a few days earlier, we figured it was worth a try.

I received the puppies that afternoon and promptly prepared them for introduction to their new mom, Snow. I picked up one of her 4 kitten babies and rubbed them all over the puppy’s. The rubbing actually caused the kitten to urinate a bit on the puppy. That made the puppy smell like Snows babies. I placed the puppies under her litter of kittens and Snow had no idea that she just now became the mom of 6.

I did some research on the difference between Cat milk and dog milk to insure the puppies would be receiving proper nutrition. There is very little information out there! I did find one study by the University of Illinois that shows a very similar composition in Cat milk and Dog milk. This was enough to help me feel the puppies would be okay.

Amazingly, the puppies and kittens weighed about the same and thrived together. I must say the puppies were a little messy, but overall Snow did a great job keeping everything clean and tidy. The puppies were named Cherry and Blossom. Please see the videos bellow.