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How to make a Bottle

This video tells you how to make bottles for neonatal Kittens

Mixing the formula

Follow directions on the can. If you are using the liquid form you may want to dilute it with one part water for every two parts formula. As the babies get older, less water may be used whether you are mixing up the powder or the liquid. If diarrhea occurs at any time you should add more water to the

formula to make up for fluid loss as diarrhea.    

Store the can of powder on the freezer after opening. Never mix up more than a day’s worth of formula at one time. Steps to


Hold the kitten in the proper manner; do not try feeding them while laying them on their back like a human baby. They will aspirate (inhale) the formula into

their lungs, possibly causing pneumonia. Feed them while they lay on their bellies, gently lifting their heads up to the bottle.


After they have eaten, you will need to stimulate a bowel movement. The mother would normally do this for them from the time they are born until they are 3-4 weeks

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